Mike Austin


As a passionate devotee to social entrepreneurship, I strongly believe in the positive power of business to change the world we live in. As such I am a real dreamer and optimist, but importantly spend every moment in action to make it reality. At university I began to learn and practice how if you challenge yourself, and believe in yourself, you can achieve the surprising.

At university as a member Enactus, I founded an international social enterprise project - Right Light - which made solar lamps affordable to communities across Madagascar and Kenya (and now Uganda). The model was to train kerosene retailers and members of the community who needed a sustainable livelihood, to run successful solar lamp rental businesses. By providing a flexible loan repayment, the entrepreneurs build their business fast and repay with the success of the business, ensuring no defaults.

Having graduated I now work for Enactus UK as a Programme Manager. I manage 20 universities across the south of the UK, equating to about 1000 students and 100 socially entrepreneurial projects. I manage university relationships, providing training on campus and off and coach and consult the students on the running of their projects and teams.

My perspectives on life are simple. Empower others to make a big difference, and pursue business innovation for good.

  • Work
    • Enactus
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    • University of Southampton