Mike Beaton


I'm Currently living in East London. My time is divided between flying, BALPA duties, AviationShake development and about a gazillion hobbies.

I've been a comercial pilot for nearly 4 years, and in a previous life I was a lead developer for a small data analytics firm in Peterborough. My experience of web technologies, and my unbridled passion for aviation led to my teaming up with Jagoda Markowiak and starting AviationShake early in 2013. Things are moving quickly and these are exciting times.

I've been a member of the British AirLine Pilots' Association (BALPA) since the very first day I joined an Airline and, late 2012, I was asked to join the negoiating body within BA CityFLyer. Our remit is industrial relations, including pay, working conditions, flight and duty time limitations plus a plethora of ancillary issues and projects. The work is both challenging and complex. Just the way I like it.

For fun I have mountain bikes, cameras, computers, cricket kit, model aircraft, a squash racket, running shoes, a tent, hiking boots, lots and lots of books - and possibly most significantly, a local Pub.

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