Mike Calderwood

Content Creator, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur in Katy, Texas

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Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a 24 year entrepreneur, Content Creator, coach, and trainer. I love to help people dominate fitness, business and life.

After a frustrating 4 years in my early 40's I made an incredible comeback in my late 40's. At 48 i am as fit and energetic as ever and my businesses are thriving.

If you're ready to make lasting change happen in your fitness, business and life:

A) Connect with me. I love creating motivational, educational and applicable content. You can find me on medium, youtube, FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn

B) Contact me. If you're ready to commit to yourself, call or text me. Let chat and see if I can help you. 832-746-7470