Mike Clements


Thank you for checking out more 'about.me'.

I am an aspiring DJ and Producer, based out of Vancouver. Canada.

I grew up playing piano and drums. In my early teens I found my self being drawn to sample based music. Between high school bands and home mixtape’s, I knew being involved/around music was something that made me ‘happy’.

This passion and curiosity as well as many other twist and turns led me to study 'music and production', in the 'Recording Arts', at The Art Institute of Vancouver. There my passion was tested: learning new DAW’s (ProTools/Logic/Ableton/Maschine), hardware studio signal Flow, production techniques, recording techniques etc, etc.

I graduated from ‘Ai’ Jan/15. I feel my experiences at The Art Institute have allowed me to begin my professional audio career well rounded. I have engineered live recording sessions with full (5/6 piece) bands as well as engineered sessions traditional (beds/dubs/vocals/etc.). I have done live sounds work at the Vancouver Convention centre. I have DJ'd not only local weddings, destination weddings and private events, but Vancouver lounges and clubs as well (Fortune, Republic, Cactus Club, Electric Owl, Library Square).

I love Dj’ing, Engineering.. and working on any creative project, but my truest passion is to make my own music, remixes and edits to perform live.

Big ups to all you artists out there! :)

I appreciate you taking the time to check out more about me.

I have Live DJ Mixes on 'YouTube', Content on 'Scloud' and 'MCloud'. Also, more work is up on my website goodnoize.ca - I would love for you to check it out. Hope you enjoy.


Mike - GoodNoize