Mike Gegelman

Mike Gegelman – a highly versatile corporate executive, inventor, published author, franchise prototype systems developer, software developer, revenue generating systems creator, direct marketing expert, internet marketing genius and personal development trainer, are all just a few of Mike's remarkable career accomplishments.

Mike started his career as a representative for a national financial services company in 1991. In 1993 he founded his own company and moved into advising individuals. In 1996, and as President & CEO of a start-up financial services firm, Mike led the development of national distribution network of over 200 financial planners and insurance agents, having achieved a record $25.8 million in gross revenues and $1.2 million profit in its first year of operations.

Through Mike's leadership, communication skills, marketing savvy and his uncanny revenue generating creative abilities, Mike has assisted many hundreds of entrepreneurs, financial advisors, insurance agents and thousands of retirees invest many tens of millions during the course of his remarkable career.

Mike founded and is currently sitting President & CEO of Global Information Providers, LLC; a business development systems creator and internet marketing firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL. Global Information Providers, LLC develops and distributes revenue generating business development systems, informational products and services designed to educate, assist and advise entrepreneurs, insurance agents, financial advisors and investors from all walks of life.

Mike's career has been one of serving the interests of entrepreneurs, financial advisors, insurance agents and investors through both large corporate and small private practices.

Mike is a published author on these issues; his published courses are distributed throughout the financial services industry. His articles are published in national trade magazines and regional newspapers.

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