Michael Carter

Ridgehaven, South Australia

I grew up in Woomera, South Australia. I have a total of 7 children including step children. Have married 4x. Present wife I married after being together 20 years. Still friends with all except the first.

I work as a psychiatric nurse. Have been working in Glenside Hospital intensive care unit since 1991.

Been on the net before it was the net. Country club BBS around 1988 and joined the net from that BBS. The net was black and white when I joined. First browser I used was Netscape 1. I used netscape versions until phoenix. Now a firefox user. Still using Windows (7) but use ultimate ubuntu as alternate OS. If all of my software worked with WINE I would uninstall windows but it doesn't. So I am still on Windows. Won't use Apple due to greed of the company. Everything all locked up.

My usual username is mikecar52 or mikekc

  • Work
    • Mental Health Nurse
  • Education
    • Double certificate Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing