Michael Manthey

Passion - for powersport sales and management. My career goals are to move into a more senior position, or do something new that will expand the depth and breadth of my experience. Either way, I intend to “take it up a notch.”

Performance - igniting a life-long pursuit of sales and management excellence. A sales training expert driving sales, performance and attitudes.

Expert - outdoor recreational powered products retail/wholesale manager. A product volume record breaker and national sales leader. Gifted with persuasive communication skills for both external and internal sales. A teacher / mentor, transferring these abilities to others. Promoting a professional management style to transform an enterprise.

Financially Savvy - and street-smart. Myers-Briggs personality type INTJ – The Strategist,best when strategically planning, with a technical emphasis. Combining a knowledge of sales trends and marketing; achieving sales goals through plan development and implementation.