M. A "Mike" Morales

San Antonio, Texas

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For the past ten years, I've been writing about tequila--just tequila.

And, no, I don't write tequila 101s, reviews, or tasting notes, either.

I've never been the kind of writer who would describe a tequila as tasting yummy when it really tastes like crap just to get on someone's good side to make a buck.

Hell, I don't even use the word yummy!

And defining what a blanco, reposado, añejo or extra añejo tequila is, over and over again, gets boring.

What turns me on are the stories behind the tequila labels.

I have always felt that it was my responsibility to help consumers see beyond the marketing, the hype, and the slew of deliberate misinformation to get to the truth.

You can count on me to continue to do that.

Go ahead...

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    • CEO at Tequila Aficionado Media