Mikey Leung


Mikey Leung is a social entrepreneur with matrix-like knowledge of the digital media world. With over 15 years experience in the practise of digital wizardry, he's a Director at Digital Storytellers, a digital production agency based in Sydney, Australia. The focus of the agency is in producing creative films and digital campaigns for the global positive impact sector.

Mikey is also a published author, and co-wrote the first and second editions of Bradt Travel Guide to Bangladesh. He’s also a web designer, cinematographer and one of the founders at Digital Storytellers, whose primary project Positive Light, is changing the way the world sees Bangladesh.

In September 2012, Mikey spoke about Positive Light at TEDxDhaka. The full story is available here.

To get in touch, reach out on Twitter or email at mikey [at] digital storytellers.com.au.