Mikey Rockwell

I'm a producer of music, video and 3D and a performing rapper with Jbrown & The Mic Smith. I work for myself and clients from Studio Rockwell, my professional audio studio in Kingsland, NZ.

I love production and helping people achieve and exceed the visions they have for their projects. I have produced many full length albums, EP's and singles for numerous artists in NZ.

Also directing and creating music videos is another passion I follow. I have created over 12 music videos for my music projects and many clients, including Kolab, ImaGe, Jbrown & The Mic Smith and recently providing 3D for Dane Rumble's single 'Light's Go Out'.

We have an Indy record label that we run from the studio with some great underground artists, such as ImaGe, The Bonnie C and Jbrown & The Mic Smith. It gives us the freedom to release our music as we see fit, without pressure to conform.

Outside of 'real' work, I rock the mic. Well.

But enough about me.. let me know what you do