Mikhail Blacer

Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines

Life is a collection of empty books. You hold the pen, so write content that will make your life an awesome story!

Nowadays, keeping yourself informed and updated is vital in order to be a responsible citizen of the Global Village - which is the beautiful thing called the Internet.

Currently, I work as a freelance writer and I'm ready and willing to take on various jobs. I recently resigned from an SEO company, wherein I worked as a content specialist for over two years. I have on-the-field journalism experience, being the editor-in-chief of our college publication, The Mediator, and due to being an intern in both a local and TV radio station. I have also hosted local radio programs pertaining to youth health development, thanks to my peer counseling experience.

As a Filipino, my passion for basketball is unequaled. I am an avid supporter of my national team - Gilas Pilipinas - and the Miami Heat.

What I do in my spare time

Although I'm vertically-challenged, I love playing basketball, even if I'm horrible at it. Other than engaging myself in this sport, I am an avid gamer since having my first Nintendo console and played my first game, Mario Brothers. I am also a big movie, comic book and animated and TV series buff, and I spend a lot of time watching them.

I enjoy Paulo Coelho books, as well as those written by John Grisham. My all-time favorite is Harry Potter, it being my childhood addiction.

Other than my hobbies, I am also part of the local Commission of Population's peer helping program, which has the purpose in helping teens deal with the nuances of daily life.

  • Work
    • DLinkers - SEO Agency
  • Education
    • West Visayas State University
    • Ball State University