Mikiko Hillyer

Woodinville, Washington, United States

I was born in Elkhart, Indiana as Mallory Jolene Murphy. Abandoned by both parents in Texas. Fostered in Texas. Adopted and raised by my biological father’s brother (my Uncle) and his wife as Mikiko Patricia Hillyer in Renton, Washington. I attended Catholic school my entire academic career. I am an addict (clean), but still actively working the program. Today I am a single mother and one day I will have to answer to my son. I have one hell of a life story due to the decisions I have made, but my greatest fear is that my son will one day follow suite. My goal is to record a thorough and honest account of my mistakes and triumphs in hopes that it may one day serve as a cautionary tale for my son when he begins to venture on his own.

  • Work
    • Transaction Manager
  • Education
    • Eastside Catholic High School