Milagros Polifka

Real Estate Investor, Passive Income Expert, and Serial Enterpreneur in Ginebra, Suiza

Milagros Polifka

Real Estate Investor, Passive Income Expert, and Serial Enterpreneur in Ginebra, Suiza

About me: Hi! I am Milagros Polifka and Over the last 12 years, I had purchased, sold and rented properties which allowed me to retire at 35 years of age.

A few years ago I decided to go further and master our skills, study, learn from the experts and create one of the most important real estate companies.

Today, I own 60 cash-flowing units, 24 more are being developed and will be ready in 2020.

I have founded “The # 1 Uk’s Real Estate Development Company For Young Professionals”, that enables first time home buyers to solve their problem of finding an affordable, well located and high quality to price ratio housing.
My Goal now is sharing these strategies with others who would like to invest passively or actively in real estate and finally create their life with freedom and more time for them and their families.

New Projects

I run as well monthly Networking Event which helps people connect with other people who have an interest in property investing, or general investors interested in getting connections and generate passive income.

Whether an experienced and professional investor our group provides a friendly, social and supportive environment because we achieve so much more when we work together.

So, why can property be a great opportunity to invest in? You can use it to supplement your income, grow your wealth and make excellent returns or use it as a pension pot for later in life.

With savings rates extremely low, and the cost of living high, many people are feeling the pinch and wondering how they can make their money go further.

Investing in property passively or actively can be a great way to supplement your income and pension pots, grow your assets and achieve excellent returns on your investments.

Networking is vital to the success, and people of all ages and experience are welcome, and if you are a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, builder, architect, angel investor, this is the place to Network.

You can Join us in our Networking events.

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