Milan Todorović

Consultant, Information security, and Cyber security in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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What Do We Want to Achieve? Know and Follow it by Heart.

Raiffesien bank, Microsoft, Intesa Sanpalo bank, NGO Nautilus are all organizations in which Milan Todorović have worked on different projects related to IT, business and social development. We are honored that Milan is one of fifteen Alumni of the firstExcellence Academy edition (2016).

Currently, Milan works in Intesa Sanpaolo bank on informational security and he is a chairman of NGO board that he co-founded with his colleagues when he was finishing his high school. We beginning of 2019 to recap some of actives that Milan has achieved are motivating to all of us in our endeavors to develop ourselves in different fields of our interests, weather they are business, art, sport business or well being.


  • Work
    • Intesa Sanpaolo Bank B&H
  • Education
    • BA, Development of business information systems