Milana Ljubisavljevic

Tech recruitment in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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***Please visit my website (LinkedIn) - above to learn more what I've been doing by now.***

Hi, I'm Milana, from Serbia, and I recently relocated in Luxembourg to work as an IT recruiter (CDI contract), in Kirchberg. This page has a purpose for you to better know me when we are discussing renting opportunities. :)

WHAT: furnished room or studio/apartment

WHEN: from 14. March ideally

LOCATION: Ideal location would be anywhere that's half an hour walk from Auchan.I would also accept locations that are half an hour by transportation from Auchan. Btw ideally it would be at Pfaffenthal, Clausen, Kirchberg, Neudorf etc.

NOTICE: If you would be my roommate or landowner, you should be ok with me having guests, since it's very important for me to have a family/boyfriend/friends from Serbia coming for a week per month or two, approximately (at least for the start, it's already planned). And, no pets and non-smoker.