3/miles edgeworth

🌺 hi my name is miles/three! please use they/sea pronouns for me

🌺 please don't follow if you post alot of untagged kagepro. kagepro is a trigger for me. i get alot of anxiety whenever i see it. if you want to know why, just dm me.

🌺 i really like scream queens, dangan ronpa, love live, ace attorney, and zero escape... feel free to dm me if u like any of those things!! i also LOVE forensics and linguistics!!

🌺 i am very sensitive and very paranoid, so please be kind when ur talking to me! im very scared and my mood can drastically change within minutes.

🌺 i'm professionally diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and adhd. im also diagnosed with bipolar 2 but i dont think i have it. i've self dx'ed dissociative identity disorder, dependent pd and delusional disorder (psychosis).

🌺 please do not follow if you are against any minority of people (gays, trans, etc)

🌺 please do not follow if you are kin with chanel 3

chanel #3 (sq)

twogami(sdr2), makise kurisu(SG), miles edgeworth(aa)

caliborn(hs), k(vlr), ashley(UD)

i have a few secret kins, that i dont share publicly. dm if u want to know them.