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Since forensic nursing is a fairly new field in nursing care, made people are aware yet of their tasks. A great number of of those medical-legal professionals are already in-the area supporting victims of crimes by becoming instruments in getting the criminals behind bars. But how did this exercise start? Heres a quick view of forensic nursing history.

Caregivers o-r health providers have been around for a long time now and many have already utilized forensic-type of solutions even before forensic nursing was identified. Actually, during the 13th century, there were nurses who played the part of forensic experts while they study the women arranged to marry royalty.

These women were needed to be virgins before they can continue with the marriage. The nurses of this time were the ones who confirmed the girls virginity to the monarchs. Nurses have also already caused sexual assault and abuse cases during this time period.

Ahead of forensic nursing, sexual strike nurses were rape or sexual abuse cases were handled by the key people who. Most law-enforcement agencies in the country possess a staff of those sexual strike specialists who reach the crime scene to collect all physical facts that may influence justice afterwards.

These medical professionals were requested to take care of these cases and perhaps not the crime scene investigators, medical examiners or forensic authorities. Homicide cases visit the authorities departments CSIs but sexual assault cases are specific.

The sexual assault response team model was started in California. Be taught more on an affiliated article directory - Click here: military lawyer south korea. Members of the group include the victim advocate, an official of law enforcement office, and a sexual assault examiner. This team works together for making the full and detailed study of the crime.

The victim advocate offers counseling to the victim and preps her for that long process ahead. The police simply take charge of the analysis of facts. The examiner documents them correctly, collects the data, and assesses them.

Doctors like nurses, counselors, and advocates who worked with rape victims in a variety of hospitals and clinics first established a training program for sexual assault examiners in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976. We discovered