Gen.Miller Morris

Syria, USA

This is The Official Page for General Morris Gideon Miller, Currently serving as Commanding General for Sec21 Of The 22nd Command assigned to the United States Peace Keeping Mission at Damascus, Syria.

I will be leaving Syria and heading forTanzania, Africa on the 29th Of August 2013, However my Official End-Of-Duty Party will be held on the 27th At General's Quaters US Military Installation, Syria.

All Official Contacts Must be made through the Department Of Defence (DoD) at Fort Knox, United States Of America.

For Unofficial Contacts, Please send an Email to:

( )


We have been receiving some news about people using my name to Scam or Steal Money from Various Individuals. If you encounter any such case, Please contact this Office for verification by calling the Number Displayed Below or sending an Email;

General Miller G.Morris
Office Of General Miller G.Morris
Office #24, United States Military Base
Phone: +1 (432) 279-0307
Contact Email:

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    • Three Star General, United States Military