Milly Braids

Hi! I'm Milly Braids and with the Dream Fairy I came to take you on an interactive surprise trip. But before that happens, maybe you would like to know something about me? And even if you wouldn't, I'm going to tell you anyway, because I'm a child and we children love talking about ourselves! So, here we go:

Apart from long braids I have a little bear, Teddy, who never leaves my side, and a lamb, Milton, who is my pet.

I love making wishes; mostly because the Dream Fairy makes sure that they always come true. In my dreams, at least!

I would love to have a little brother to look after and share all my toys and adventures with. But I haven't yet ... I have a little cousin, though, Mike, and we hang out together a lot, maybe you'll meet him one day.

My favourite colour is pink. I love stories and lots of colours – I can't imagine a world without them. And I like foreign languages. I already speak eight: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Russian and Chinese.

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