Mimi Greenlee

Consultant, Director, and Public Speaker in Washington, DC

“I want to inspire and empower people to architect lives that they love, lives that are uniquely their own and not based on the expectations of anyone other than themselves."

I am a deeply dedicated and reliable Director of Marketing and Business Development with a stellar record of successful brand development; specializing in community outreach to a wide variety of demographics. I am a designer and implementer of strategic marketing initiatives, and adept at spreading awareness to communities-at-large, thereby surpassing organizational objectives.

I've built success through my exceptional compassion and personal ethics as well as my considerable experience in community outreach, public relations, grant writing, fundraising and event planning. I possess superior time management, strong analytical and outstanding interpersonal and communications skills. I have a sound ability to work with all levels of management as well as work independently.

I excel at nonprofit/social enterprise management and I understand how to work strategically to maximize efficiency and reach goals at an optimal level. My strengths combine compassion, savvy, innovative creative thinking and collaborative efforts to grow businesses.

I actively engage as a panelist and mentor on women's issues as they relate to professional success in business leadership and management. My passion for Living In Tranquility is only rivaled by the joy of being a wife and mother. Of my many roles, I considers “mom” to be my most important and challenging. “Raising a son, I hope that he grows up to feel empowered to relentlessly pursue his dreams."

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