For Marvellous Skin the Natural Way

Mimi's Miracle was launched in 2011 and grows from strength to strength. We make it
possible for you to achieve marvellous skin without the Chemicals of Commercial
Giants or Nuts, which a growing number of people are developing allergies

I know first hand how challenging it can be to raise a child with multiple
allergies. Having a skin ailment is not normal, it is your body telling you
that it is unhappy with something you have put on it or in it. When Mimi's skin
began to develop an ailment I looked for the cause so to deal with the effect
and it worked.

Mimi no longer has Psoriasis, Psoriasis which was so bad she spent the entire day trying to soothe the itchy feeling by scratching it. Mimi's skin is now what is should be - Perfect!

If you or your child is experiencing some form of irritation, an allergy or you cant quite put your finger on it, get in touch with us for some guidance and practical solutions on how Mimi now has perfect skin thanks to Mimi's Miracle.