azumi 💞

hi i'm a 13 year old mess who spends her life crying over how perfect bts is

heres basic shit you should know about me before following

♡ i'm a yoongi stan and if he is your bias, you are going to get blocked so fast

♡ rina, kano and rose are my closest friends and if i find out youre doing shit to them then we're gonna thRow thE fuCK DOWN

♡ i'm an offensive human being with weird humor bye


♢ dont follow if : ♢

♡ you are a yoongi stan

♡ you're a annoying wannabe bts fan

♡ you ship yoonmin ( @rina kys )

♡ you use emojis/ the "XD" face or japanese emoticons that shit is fucking cancerous and disgusting

if you actually read all that then dm me and ask to follow bye losers