Ana Soric

Experience in all media industries: press, publishing, TV, internet, film and persuasive media. Through my professional development I have done some groundbreaking media. Developing my own company SAIL Media ( and Jedna od tri d.o.o. (One of Three LLC), I am pushing for a research & development as a crucial business activity using foundation of network infrastructure, rendering space wherein academia, business and art coincide in creative self-production. My modus vivendi and business rationale presuppose vision and constant creation of new business (and other) idioms as the fundamental driving force.
From 2007 I am developing infrastructure for my own research institute. The Institute would explore reaching the social OPTIMUM, Human 2.0 and posthuman society.
Goals would respectively be achieved through deconstruction of all retrograde historic infrastructures and paradigms, which is due to come through deconstruction of retrograde economic structures: division of labor, mass production, competition, value chain and such, and by de-emphasizing its impact on social processes. My latest project has the same objective, to liberalize working processes and to bring the capital/investments to ideas, innovations and brains.