Michael Noetel

Sydney Australia

Michael's training and experience has revolved around getting the best out of people. His education focused on help others manage the difficult processes that get in the way of them reaching their potential. He has experience applying this knowledge in sport, business, and life more generally. He has built his career around the specific needs of athletes, young adults and adolescents. Michael also helps those who work closely with these groups, like parents, coaches, physios, and doctors. He has a love of teaching because it allows him to keep up to date with the latest research and find creative ways of sharing that knowledge. In his spare time, he pursues his interest in all kinds of sports, particularly with his mates and his wonderful fiancé.

  • Work
    • Psychologist, Psych Up
  • Education
    • Master of Applied Psychology, University of Queensland
    • Bachelor of Science (Advanced, Honours), University of Sydney