Michael Benson

Wellington, New Zealand

digital 2D artist

animation director

travel writer

low budget short movie producer

English Born New Zealander

Wrestling Fan

Metal Head


Tourist with a Typewriter

Retro Video Game Enthusiast

Film Geek

Comic Book Collector

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I am a keen and knowledgeable game and movie critic. I keep a blog about movies to help people who can't decide what to watch - this is where I flex my critical analysis muscles. One of my life goals is to complete 5,000 movie reviews on my blog. Contact me if you have a magazine and you wish for me to review some DVDs. Or if you've done a game and you'd like me to write a review for it - I don't do games on my blog but I can write a feature article for you and submit to magazines. Or if you have just made a movie, short or feature and you wish for me to review it on my blog, I'll probably be keen - so get in touch.

In my 'spare time' I design games (learning C# and Unity) and I write original storylines for games that I plan to make - of 300-400 pages, mostly adventures (something like Discworld 2 meets Syphon Filter meets Dofus.) I also make cartoon/digital art for games. My games are odd 2D strategy and graphically simple action games, games as a means of conceptual expression, digital simulations of robotic games, physical/digital game environments.

I have written three feature film screenplays, a TV pilot script, a short play and a book of poetry. I am currently writing a short movie script called The Grownup Show: Minus 1. And then a feature movie script called The Grownup Show: Vol. 1. Both movies concern vampire characters trying to construct a Utopian society. I am writing these scripts purely so that I will have something to work with, because I want to produce movie projects - and I happen to be good at scriptwriting.

  • Work
    • Animation
  • Education
    • Hamilton Boys High School
    • Kaikorai Valley College
    • Aoraki Polytechnic - Dunedin Campus
    • Whitireia Polytechnic
    • The Learning Connexion, Lower Hutt