Molly Heyen

As a native Chicagoan Molly Heyen has an intimate knowledge of the life and culture of the city. Her meticulous organizational skills gives her the ability to create systems that help others prioritize their needs and see the big picture. Her involvement in Toastmasters has taught her how to complete projects in a timely and thorough manner with others on a voluntary basis, when members of the team have differing schedules.

Her persistance, resourcefulness, and drive have been at the heart of her every success in Real Estate, from funding her broker license, to helping renters secure a property that was not on the market, to working with Terri Buseman—just ask us about that story! Molly likes to spend her free time with her husband, taking road trips in their Corvette, wakeboarding with friends, cross-country skiing, playing pool, and learning about whiskey, cigars, and wine.