Molly Richards

I am an energetic, motivating, and happy person. I am a dedicated stay at home mom,wife, sister, and friend. I love being a fitness instructor and fitness coach. Helping people get fit and healthy is my passion. Being a Beachbody Coach has changed my life physically, financially and as a person in general. Coaching people into heathier lifestyles is so rewarding that I wake up every day excited about what I get to do.

I love to laugh and spend time with positive,uplifting and motivating people. I enjoy working out every day. My workouts of choice are TurboKick, TurboJam,P90X and Brazil Butt Lift. Being part of the cast of Chalene Johnson's newest DVD home workouts TurboFire was an amazing experience and what a fabulous workout it is. I enjoy spending time with my family, relaxing at the beach, and living in Orange County,California. I teach fitness classes and absolutely love motivating people to get moving, to push themselves in their workouts and to believe in themselves.

My priorities in life are: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Fun!!!! What are yours?

If you need help finding a fitness plan or want to join my team of coaches and own your own fitness business like me I would love to help you.

Let's stay in touch. Visit my site at and/or to come to my Facebook page ( click Like ) for daily motivation and lots of tips on health and fitness tips.

Be fit. Be healthy. Be happy.