Matthew Olyphant

Matthew Olyphant was born in Oakland CA. in 1972 and raised in Modesto CA. After studying fine art throughout high school, he attended the University of California at Berkeley.

While attending Berkeley, Matthew studied color and composition and fine art/painting under the instruction of Kim Anno and Loretta Dunkleman. During college, he showed his work extensively throughout the Bay Area.

After graduation, Matthew continued to create new works that were shown iin spaces throughout California. His visually engaging paintings have received a tremendous amount of attention from key figures in the entertainment industry. His work belongs in the collections of members of the band, Green Day, film and music video producer, Brett Ratner, talent manager, Pat Magnarella and, casting director, Joseph Middleton, among others. His work was also showcased on the MTV reality show cribs in episode 607 featuring Stephan Jenkins / Baby / TJ Lavin.

Matthew's paintings explore the tensions existing between humans and their environments. Jagged lines puncuate conflicting colors and misspelled words and phrases share space with vague characters and abstract city scapes, that emphasize the irony of the pieces merging in concert to form a unified design alive with imagery and cultural commentary. His carefully constructed though loose compositions are based largely on shape and movement that create provocative landscapes of chaos and order somehow balanced by his brushstrokes. Matthew's knowledge of color theory and use of texture reveal interesting tones and nuanced forms that engage viewers and function to antagonise reactions. This predominate theme of contradiction is extended throughout his many collections binding a gallery of work that appeals to young and old alike.

Drawing from personal history, enables Matthew's subjects and emotions to emerge as raw ideas that find translation in image and language. Though grounded in the personal, his pieces take archetypal shape and form universal themes without centers or cultural boundaries.

Matthew's work is influenced by such artists as Picasso, Basquait, Johns, and Braque. Using pieces of their respective movements, Matthew has developed his individual style that many would classify as Primitive. This unique spin on Primitivism reveals Matthew Olyphant's artistic courage and demonstrates a willingness to expose himself and the world through a litany of cultural lenses.