Brandy Burke

My best feature is being a mother. I was 15 when the first one entered my life and 20 when the second made her appearance. They are truly the best thing I have ever done, and maybe the only thing I have ever done right.

I learned some hard lessons through marriage that brought me to my husband, Bald Lover. It's amazing what changes in your life when you find "the one". He's my soul mate in every way.

I'm a survivor of Congestive Heart Failure, BCFS, and a host of autoimmune diseases that have attacked my body - through this, I've only become stronger and met fascinating people.

I gave up my corporate accounting job a year ago in a desperate attempt to spend every second I can with my children who are due to leave the nest in a few years. That leap of faith brought me to my new passion, and a better way to pay the bills.

I'm a crafty little shit, I enjoy couponing, jewelry making, travel, and writing. I hate movies, putting away the laundry, and waiting for the microwave to beep before I open the door.