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Welcome to Tantra Massage Moncton! We’re the city’s first and newest Tantra Massage Provider, catering exclusively to women seeking a Tantric Experience with a team of professional RMT’s. If you’ve sought out Tantric Massage then you’re aware that the majority of what claims to be Tantra simply isn’t. Tantra Massage Moncton provides you with a soothing and satisfying Tantric Experience.

While there are various forms of massage to choose from in Moncton, one is hard pressed to find professional practitioners who provide Tantra Massage in the city. Due to this lack of service provision, we’ve teamed up to give you an alternative to the more traditional forms of Massage available. Catering exclusively to women and providing in-home service (at this time) in Greater Moncton, we believe that this form of Massage will become as standard here as Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Trigger Point are. In fact, it’s our belief that Tantra will far exceed these other forms as it incorporates not only the body but the whole person.

The uniqueness of Tantra Moncton is not only in our Tantric service but we also incorporate Deep Tissue Massage into your session, providing you with both a sensual, soothing and clinical massage! Releasing muscle tension while at the same time engaging in the Tantric Experience is what sets us apart as Moncton’s leader in Mobile Massage Therapy.

If you’ve wanted to experience professional Tantric Massage… you now can! Tantra Massage Moncton invites you to book an appointment with us at