Er Mary Leroz Mondares

Cebu, Philippines

Hello. I'm Leroz and I'm a 15 year young lassie. I'm from the Philippines and I'm a government scholar. I dance, blog, write, read, and sometimes compose even though I have the worst singing voice ever - resulting to me keeping my songs to myself. I am often described as a raven, curly-haired petite who has this irrevocable passion for dancing.

I am the oldest of three and I live in a household where the head of the family is the goofiest, and the mother hen is the toughest. I live inside the four corners of my bedroom when I'm at home always facing a gadget of some sort. Or a book. I always have a pair of earplugs in my ear with the volume on full bar. I hang out with friends that makes me independent, tough, and reasonable. I prefer indoors unlike them though. I don't play sports like they do, I don't play games like they do, and I'm a moody piece of ass half the time.

Harry Potter. Dance. Kpop. Hiphop. Country Music. Ed Sheeran. Maroon 5. Tom Felton. Likes on my pictures and status. Emma Watson. Telling me I'll finally appear on the big screen. Those are the best topics that you could ever give me.

Eccentric. Yeah right.

Well, not nerdy kind of weird though. Not the Luna Lovegood kind either. Certainly not sexually weird, God no. I'm just plain weird. In my own way, that is.

  • Education
    • Philippine Science High School