Alchem E. Blakk

Consultant and Project Manager in New York

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I am a September LIBRA♎. The symbol of my sign are the scales. Keyword is BALANCE. Balance of social and self-justice are my lifes' chiefest assignments.

I consider myself a Spiritual Alchemist (in training). It's just a fancy way of saying that I'm a problem solver. I am obsessed with solving the problem of myself. I look for solutions to transcend and outgrow limitations--most of which are self-imposed.

Meditation and Affirmative Prayer is how I strengthen my ability to "show up" for life on life's terms...and it is pure Ecstasy and Terror. No drink, no drug, just life.

I am also an aspiring writer. Words are like peach cobbler to me: delicious. I try to utilize them to connect thought, intention, cravings, and aversions with others. I have an insatiable need to be understood--a need which is almost NEVER met.

Social Service is both my passion and my profession. Why??? Because many of us are living quiet lives of desperation. It helps me to help others imagine what life could be like if things were different. Connecting people with resources is my contribution to the world. I believe that God, self-love, information, skill, willingness, preparation, and strong support systems create miracles.

Strangely enough, my journey is painfully fascinating, and beautifully uncomfortable...but I show up for day at a time.

"It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey itself that matters."--Ernest Hemingway

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