Mondo Bizzarro Gallery

Mondo Bizzarro is an international gallery of contemporary art located in Rome (Italy). The gallery opened in 1995 with the aim to promote new artistic trends. Pop surrealism and erotic art are the distinctive features of this groundbreaking gallery, which over time also expanded its interests to Urban Art and contemporary drawing. The main trademark of the gallery is a particular mix of different backgrounds: Street Culture, Tattoo, Indie music, Alternative cinema (mostly splatter and B-movies), fetish, freaks, circus culture and aesthetics, Gothic and Renaissance philosophy and aesthetics, 60's comic strips. All put together in a spin-drier, apparently meaningless, but that actually provides the background to all the surreal and dream-like expressions that the authors of this movement bring back to reality through their works. This way so many different worlds are incredibly balanced in a single consistent artistic movement, with the simplicity and the precision that only art can achieve. Thanks to its research activities the gallery was the first in Italy to show the works of some of the leading figures of American figurative painting (Mark Ryden, Ray Caesar, Marion Peck, Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Camille Rose Garcia, Todd Schorr), those of several masters of erotic photography (Terry Richardson, Jan Saudek and John Estevan Oriol Santerineross), and some considerable members of contemporary Japanese art (Hajime Sorayama, Takato Yamamoto, Ken-Ichi Murata, Junko Mizuno, Hiroshi Noname, Atsushi Tani, Yosuke Ueno, Yoshifumi Hayashi and Daikichi Amano), always keeping an active interest for emerging talent. Enhanced by its more then ten-yearly experience, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery keeps presenting a bold and daring monthly program, both in its main space and in the brand-new Project Room. Accordingly, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery is not a conventional art gallery, but a dynamic place of research, ready to transmit, through art, a specific interpretation of contemporaneity. Inside the gallery there is also a bookshop by the same name (Bizarro World Bookshop), specialized in new figurative art, erotic art, urban art, tattoo art and counter-culture. Besides books and magazines there are prints, numbered lithographs, posters and limited edition works.