Chef Juan Mondragon

Juan was born in Mexico City and today serves Southern California and beyond. He received his certification from the Gastronomico Chefuri Culinary Institute in Mexico City. Juan is an acclaimed International Chef receiving recognitions and awards for his unique dishes and his authentic taste.His passion to serve and eagerness to create delicious and healthy meals has evolved into Juan's Restaurante, where guests come from all over come to enjoy organic, fresh, and traditional Pre-Hispanic inspired Mexican dishes. Juan's creations integrate a holistic approach of unconventional blend of ingredients such as nopal (cactus), and xoconostles (green and red pear of the cactus).Chef Juan relies on many seeds such as chia, pumpkin, pine, almond, cacao, and sunflower. And with over 17 different types of chiles his mole is rich in flavor.

Today, Juan is referred to as the "King of Cactus" by food critics and journalists alike. His commitment to fresh, flavorful and extraordinary food is a testament of his longstanding connection to the Hollywood's' affinity with Juan's Restaurante. Chef Juan has gained special interest from Ryan Seacrest who has called upon Juan for many years to cater and cook for himself or celebrity guest, some of Juan's clientele include Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Queen Latifah, David Beckham, Iron Chef Chairman Mark Dacascos, Sofia Vergara, Raul de Molina, Jonas Brothers, Diana Bracho, Paquita la del Barrio and many other American and Latin celebrities.