Monica Cacina

Targu Mures

1. Approach a problem with a rough inspiration

2. ​Refresh and clean the ​idea to a polished perfection.

3. Deploy the product for the ​world to enjoy.​

I’m a product marketer and digital strategist.

Like chess, Marketing is a game of strategy and positioning in which your next move ensures whether or not the buyer purchases your product amongst a sea of alternatives which may be similar, or even better than your own. I love everything about product developement... grabbing the consumer’s attention, holding it and creating a valuable, memorable experience for him or her throughout the product’s life-cycle.

From market research, to messaging and positioning, all the way to developing the product, I do what I do for that one moment – the moment in which the consumer has two products in their cart, they put your competitor’s product back on the "shelf" and they bring yours to the register.

I have online marketing experience and an obsessive passion for new media and technology.