Geofanny Monica Cokro

Geofanny Monica Cokro

Just call Fanny.

Born in the town hero, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

I first breathe on March 4, 1998.

- Who me ? A kid. A High School Student. A lover of social media. A lover of nature. A lover of monkeys doll. A lover of rabbits.

- How me ? A simple girl, childsh, talkative, messy, sensitive, friendly, easy going, and crazy.

- Whats me like ? Playing games. Writing. Reading the novel. Traveling. Editing Photos. Singing. Organise.

- Whats my dreams ? To be a doctor, author, and entrepreneur. Make my parents happy and proud to me and be a good daughter of Jesus.

- Who my inspiration ? Mom and daddy.

- Who my favorite artist ? Agnes Monica. She motivated me

Be yourself. Everything I do starts from the Dream, then I believe, and then realize that dream with the help of the hope and prayer. I never give up and keep moving forward to pursue my dream.