Monika Bacardi

Monika Bacardi

Lady Monika Bacardi has been making her way to career success without ever losing sight of her true passions: art and philanthropy.

Monika Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall, was born in Italy where she studied arts and literature. Her love for cinema has led to her co-founding the AMBI group that she still runs today with her business partner Andrea Iervolino. She also acquired PHOTO Magazine in 2014 and became co-owner. Her time is split between her professional duties and her well known implication in multiples charities and non-profit organizations.

Monika Bacardi, nothing but excellence

Monika Bacardi has always felt a special connection to cinema, for this particular art has the abilities to convey emotions like no other. Her love for cinema was the reason she launched AMBI Group in 2013.

AMBI Group, a holding company based in Europe and North America with a production arm in California, is dedicated to producing commercial films for a worldwide audience. AMBI pursues marketable Hollywood talents and international stars, while fostering an artist-friendly environment for filmmakers and talent willing to explore original stories with global appeal.

AMBI business plan consists in the distribution of ten films every year which includes internal and third party production. All titles will feature recognizable cast and prolific directors from Hollywood and Europe, as well as commercial content to sustain the financially sound development of creative projects. AMBI’s films will have the potential for a major release in North America and other important territories.

To sustain its strategic orientations, AMBI is supported with several major assets including, a devote and highly accomplished team, a well thought business plan and the backing of renowned talent agencies based out of Los Angeles as well as acclaimed producers, writers show runnners and directors.

Thanks to Monika Bacardi’s leadership and support, AMBI Group has quickly assembled an extensive catalogue of films, financed and produced.

AMBI Group has already been rewarded on many occasions. The company has been awarded « Best Film Production Company » at the ICFF Award 2013, the ICFF Award 2014, the Ischia Global Fest Award 2014, and the Capri Hollywood Award 2014.