Monika Butler


Project Management Specialist at a large Energy Corporation, who in another life would have been a painter or history teacher. I am fascinated with "time-related" topics, whether it be moving backwards (preferrably between the 14th and 16th century during the Renaissance) or forward (Science Fiction and beyond) but I am also a very grounded individual who tends to be pragmatic in her life in a sense that I am keen to try things out as long as they practical and keep me down to earth.

I am an avid reader (knowledge-seeker) and movie buff. My love for animals and Mother Nature is fierce. I could be considered a Humanist because I gain inspiration from our lives, art, culture and a rich natural world.

In my spare time I enjoy decorating, leisure travel, exploring new cultures and places, visiting art festivals and museums, shooting pool, riding my bike and enjoying quality time with my beautiful rescue cats.

If unpretentious and passionate people are your thing...then you have come to the right place. :-)