Monika Ghurde

Goa, India

Monika Ghurde is an independent Perfumer and researcher based in Goa, India. She is trained and worked under an english perfumer (From Picot Laboratories one of the last creative perfumery houses in the UK) before she ventured out on her own and started MO Lab.

Currently she is involved in collaboration projects in Europe, India and New York. These projects aim to bring her research on the subject of smell to the forefront of her creations. Apart from her involvement in Art Projects and conducting various workshops to create awareness about Olfactory sense, Monika is also committed to a research project on Jasmine, one of the main ingredients in Perfumery. She has initiated the project about two years ago collaborating with scholars and historians on the subject.

Inspired by avant-garde thinking and concepts she believes she has an responsibility in the tradition of alchemy to create fragrances which are for our time and resonates with our consciousness. Monika was a photographer for over a decade and co-founder of Graf Publishing Private Limited, a publishing and design company, before she became a Perfumer. Monika, has worked and travelled extensively in South East Asia and Europe, two continents she now calls home.