Monique Molino

Pilates Teacher in San Francisco, California

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Move with integrity.

Love. Dance. Play. Sleep. Eat. Drink. Pray. And not necessarily in that order. Or at the same time.

"It depends." – Dan John

"First move well, then move often." -- Gray Cook

"Fitness is the first requisite of happiness." -- Joseph Pilates

"Let’s face it. Women have been having babies for years. And they have never stopped moving while doing it. If you look at our lives today, we have problems during labor BECAUSE we don’t know how to move our bodies properly. What Pilates teaches us all regardless of whether we are pregnant or not is good body mechanics, proper posture and strength and flexibility. Sounds like a great formula for pregnancy." – Carolyne Anthony

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to pursue your wellness goals as future achievements. Let's TRAIN!

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