Monique Kostelac


the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.(thank you Google)

Vision is a word most associate with being able to see the objects around you.

Vision is a word that I associate with ambition, with a willingness to enforce great, innovative change, an analysis and awareness of my surroundings, and most of all, I associate the word vision with the future.

I have a vision. I have a vision to change the world. Yes, ok Monique, everyone wants to change the world, we get it.But what's different about me? I will do rather than just say.

So what is this vision I speak of?

This vision involves a world where everyone can achieve their full potential, where all children get the opportunity at a fair start in life and don't have to miss out on anything just because of the family or country they were born in. I envision a world where returning veterans who have put their lives on the line come home to stability and care rather than homelessness and neglect. I imagine a world where discrimination and prejudice are not as prevalent and one's religion, ethnicity, skin colour, wealth, sexuality or gender does not determine their success and rather their, hard work and determination do so instead.

I know this won't come at the click of fingers nor will it come without a fight nor will anything negative be eradicated entirely. It's not possible- there will always be rare individuals who do so. The main notion is that it becomes less and less prevalent until it just becomes a blip in humanity that is a part of the past.

I recently finished high school and I intend on studying Law and International Studies at University, including a Diploma in Spanish. I have been a regular participant and attendee at UN Youth, Expanse, and State and National Conventions, as well as attending a number of model UNs.

Aside from politics and justice, my other passions include sports, writing, reading and films and TV series. I consider myself a holistic person and I have skills and extensive knowledge in a range of areas which have and will have thus aided me in my endeavours.

  • Education
    • Mckinnon Secondary College