Monique Norington

Monique T. Norington is the CEO of The Marque Group LLC, a west-coast based national public relations and brand marketing firm. A committed, focused and grounded entrepreneur, Monique takes pride in knowing that her vision of creating invaluable and legendary brands has become the backbone of the agency.

We trace our beginnings to 2000 and operating a humble one person office from a home space in Chicago Illinois, which led to the formation of Covenant Link Professional Services. The company later became known as the Savvy Agency, Inc and moved into a small two person commercial space and, subsequently, Marque Group LLC formed in 2008. We took on the name The Marque Group when we began to focus our business model on the growth and development of branding marketing and pr for corporations in both the private and pubic industries.

Our business has been reflective of our extensive 11 year history of all aspects of strategic branding, marketing and public relations. We are known by our approach to meet the needs of our clients unique organization through maximizing each opportunity, utilizing cost-effective resources and garnering strategic solutions and strategies to meet their changing needs.

Monique's leadership has lead to TMG's success which is driven by her commitment to her clients and her unrelenting focus on results. "In the marketing business, our clients understand the importance of results, targeted messages and great media saturation and coverage," states Monique.

Our services work because we've developed a innovative cross platform model that will turn any business adversity into opportunity. When our clients work with us, we assist them pursuing current demands, spotting early trends and predicting emerging developments. The result: Innovation and Inspiration. Our creative brand marketing techniques will take the business vitality to a new level.

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