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Monminie Webzine is a new space created for supporting & spread the message of the bands inspired by ancestral cultures; we will give support to bands from around the world, with special emphasis on those belonging to the three Americas (North, South and Central) therefore we invite all the bands that want to be part of this project, the bands who want to enlarge our ancient values ​​and keep alive the ancient tradition,too, we will give support the new sounds emerging in the world of Metal, Bands/labels/Street Teams, please let us know.

Our staff is working on building our own website, we want to give a better vision and management to the information that the different bands allow us to spread through the network.

We will be publishing reviews, interviews and cultural items concerning the issue of webzine, if you have information to contribute, you can send material to our website or our email and we will be analyze the information according to their relevance and whether this information can be include on Monminie Webzine.

Saba – Chie : Founders of Monminie Webzine

email contact: (general information - reviews - interviews, etc) (about the web)

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1. You need write to:
2. We are going to confirm our interest
3. After this you can send the package

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