Lisette & Monphalae

Pastry Cook, Foodie, and Volunteer in Санкт-Петербург, Россия

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✽ Food history in other countries, especially confectionery products. Food technology and food chemistry.

✽ Clothes modeling and sewing.

✽ The history of fashion design and styles. Japanese textiles and patterns, sewing techniques and traditional kimono in modern times. The Fin de Siècle. The 'La Garconne' look. The decades of fashion in the 1920s through 1950s.

✽ Collecting books about cinema, Ukiyo-e, Japanese painting, Sumi-e, history of European Art or artists (since the Middle Ages to the Postmodern art).

✽ Collecting BJD Ai, Rosen Lied BJD, MaskcatDoll, Kokeshi and Kimekomi dolls.


Author cinema • independent films • film semiotics • costume design • the Victorian era • the Edwardian period • the Belle Époque • painting • Japanese woodblock print • Romanticism • the Art Nouveau movement • the Art Deco architecture, commercial art and illustrations • Suprematism • typography • poster art • European (French, German, English) Romantic literature • American literature • the Lake Poets • the Silver Age of Russian Poetry • Modern East Asian Fashion • Japanese Lolita Fashion: Classic, Dark (Gothic, Catholic) and Aristo (Baroque, Rococo) motifs • Otome Kei • Natural Kei • Mori Kei • Dolly Kei • Korean street or casual style • electronic music: synthpop, retrowave, big beat, e-rock, ambient, IDM, lo-fi, chillwave • ethereal wave • sacred • baroque pop/rock • disco (nu, post) • funk (g, future) • jazz (nu, smooth, fusion, jazz rap) • soul • Asian music: Japanese, Korean, indie, city pop • Asian ball-jointed dolls • miniatures • room and shadow boxes • fake food • food plating • food packaging design and branding • traditional Chinese tea • Swedish and Finnish language and culture • historic cemeteries • ornithology • the history of dog breeds • zoo psychology