Montavious Jackson


Name: Zachary Montavious Demetrius Jackson

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga/ Seattle, Wa

Date: October 26, 1997

Job/Occupation: Music Producer/DJ/Photographer/Tech Expert

Education: Sophmore

Favorite Food: Chinese Food

Favorite T.V Show: Every Adult Swim show

Favorite Movie: Back To The Future Pt. 1&2

Favorite Artist(s)/Band(s): J-Dilla,Flying Lotus, Little Dragon, Kaelin Ellis, The Foriegn Exchange, etc

Allies: Astral Basement, HW&W Recordings, LoopedDayDreams, God's Connect, etc

Enemies: Mainstream

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown/Light Brown

Ethnicity: Black/African American (Light-Skinned)

Body Type: Average (Ripped)

Age: 16

Sex: Virgin (. _ .)

Buddies: Felix, Solomon, Jimmy, Kevin, Jalen, etc (The girls I have as friends are my fuck buddys.)

Main Interests: Girls, SEX, Vaginas, BOOTY, Experimental Music, etc

Main Hobbies: Making beats, Masturbating 24/7, eating, working out, taking shits, etc

Brand: Apple, Armani Code, Hp Beats By Dr. Dre, Numark, Jordan, Levi, Monster, etc

  • Work
    • Music Production
  • Education
    • Freshman at Campbell High