Monte Bertrand

A story about Monte Bertrand could start out with a story about one of the following:

Growing up in a small Cajun town so small that it’s famous for not being famous

Going from being a shy and soft spoken kid who wouldn’t correct people who got his name wrong to a college fraternity president that had to turn down positions because he was realized he was majoring in “extracurricular activities”

Having half your face burned off and hospitalized for weeks in what is now known as the “Christmas Holiday BBQ Incident”

Tending bar from rowdy college bars in Louisiana to Bourbon St to Spring Break in Florida all the way to the trendy hot spots of Philadelphia

Having 3 jobs at once back to back that equated to a 48 hour straight “shift” that he had to quit because he was waking up driving his car in the middle of a median or even a story about crawling out from financial ruin when the tech bubble burst and left him without a job after his house had burned down to ashes and put a good friend and neighbor in the ground

But that would just be a story about things that happened to him.

To know Monte Bertrand, you’ve got to know what he loves and what he’s passionate about.

Monte is heavily vested in other people’s passions. Sure, he’s got passions of his own (in fact, he’ll ramble quite a bit about how much he loves great Cajun food, a good single batch bourbon or craft beer) – but Monte loves to talk about the things that gets people moving.

Being on Monte’s team means being in Monte’s life – being a part of it and being important to it. He’s keenly aware of team dynamics and dove into that discipline with both feet.

Ever since the early days of playing football and the college days of leading fraternity brats to later using it in leading web development teams for Fortune 100 companies, he’s always been the guy trying to get other guys to hit the next level, leading in the trenches.

But nothing gets him rolling like marketing – his newest passion. Now, most people find the intricate details of a sales funnel or a network marketing support system kind of boring.

Monte lives for that stuff. He’s analytical nearly to the point of obsession. He’s that guy that you see who charges up to a complete stranger to borrow a pen to write down a strategy or tactic he thought of while walking in the mall.

Monte helps people get “unstuck”.