Rayan Montecarlo Jhonson

Student in Macon, Estados Unidos

Work out with me

Rayan Montecarlo Jhonson was born in Macon, on 13th augost of 1998, actuallity he works in one drught store with your father´s. He likes Play videogame, the sports, the womans, and write the poems and he dislikes drink beers, study and see foot ball soccer ho and and goes in bus.

He have a hobby "Playes videogames every day" and can´t sleep for playes.

He usually get up at 5:00am for study andgoes the school at 5:30am. He retourn to home at 1:00 pm and he does have food on you´r fridges at 4:00pm . He playes video games every day then of the breackfast. He goes the bed at 12:00pm but he see memes and he goes sleep at 2:00am.