Entrepreneur in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada


Entrepreneur in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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In 2014, I started Micro Plans to support new community planning and design. Micro Plans are STORIES about LOCAL IMPROVEMENT based around ASSETS.

In 2017, I'm working with many people to co-launch a four-year campaign for improved community planning through systemic change and adaptive leadership. The first step in Systemic Change is taking responsibility for assembling the elements to a solution. In the case of growth planning, the problem has become the professionalization of the pre-Planning process. Micro Plans is focused on developing simple tools, methods and references for low-cost neighbourhood planning and community design.

The 2017 Tour from Ottawa to Washington will based on dialogues and charrettes with locals in each region. A "Micro Planning Poster" will be prototyped during the Tour and published as Beta in 2018.

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Based in southern Ontario.

Co-founder of SHLTR.

Founder of Micro Plans, a new kind of firm laying the groundwork for small-scale growth. Using storytelling to advance local improvement and investment. What's your story?

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Assisting with the development of the New Suburbanism Research Group, a not-for-profit supporting research and dialogue about the future Community Planning, Design and Development in city-regions. Follow: @INSupdates.




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