Mufaddal Mirza

Technopreneur, Life & Business Coach, and Lean Enineer in Karachi, Pakistan

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Mufaddal Mirza PhD UIUC-USA studied Chemical Engineering in Dawood University of Engineering & Technology & Wayne State University and Food Science in University of Illinois.

Corporate experience has been acquired during Country Launch of P&G in Pakistan.

Developed People Gold Coin (PGC), Wheel of Life Farm School and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) in Climate Smart Entrepreneurship to solve Economic Problems of COVID19 Families and SMEs.

Applying Education and Experience to lead GEMBA Engineers to build SAMS Wheel of Life PyraPOD Farm School in Global University Campuses, Farms & Gold Mines to isolate and Treat COVID19+ Families via Immunity Boosting Food and Honey based Natural Formulations.

Global Mothers will be trained in Climate Smart Education to teach in SAMS WoL Farm Schools.

Global Residents can join TQLMA Club with 1 PGC=0.025 Gram Gold =2 CA$ to enjoy profits from SAMS Blockchain Gold and Immunity Boosting Climate Smart Food Value Chain of 5+ Trillion US$ per year.

60% of all animal wildlife populations since 1970, mammals, bird populations have declined by 3,000,000,000, that's three billion folks! in the USA alone, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles ...

Eat local organic,
don't drink water out of plastic bottles (pottles),
drive/fly/wire less...much less, walk more.

Meet Mufaddal NKD (Houston) PhD ( UIUC-USA ) via [email protected]

to initiate the delightful journey of Family Entrepreneurship with Traction..

WhatsApp/BOTIM/IMO +923332283257

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