Mufaddal Mirza

Technopreneur, Life & Business Coach, and Lean Enineer in Karachi, Pakistan

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Mufaddal Mirza NKD (Houston) PhD (UIUC-USA) studied Chemical Engineering in Dawood University of Engineering & Technology & Wayne State University and Food Science in University of Illinois.

Corporate experience has been acquired during Country Launch of P&G in Pakistan.

Inventor of PURE Gold Coin (PGC), Wheel of Life Farm School and SAMS Aligarh Muslim Tijaarat University to develop Benchmark Leaders via Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) in Climate Smart Tayyeb Entrepreneurship to solve Problems of Families, Businesses and Governments..

Developed COVID19 Combat Strategy via building SAMS WoL School Hospitality Center in Global University Campuses to administer Excalibur Rapid Test by GEMBA Doctors and treat COVID+ Families with Current Best Climate Smart Medical Treatments:

SAMS Wheel of Life Farm School in Global Farms and Universities will be owned and build by GEMBA Engineers trained by Dr Paul Olivier in Dalat to duplicate the Model in Buffalo Gold Mine and Texas Dairy Farm.

Global Residents can join SAMS TQLMA Club with 1 to 1 Million PURE Gold Coins (1 PGC=0.025 Gram Gold =2 CA$) to enjoy Benchmark ROI from SAMS Holochain Gold and Immunity Boosting Climate Smart Food Value Chain of 5+ Trillion PGCs per year.

Serving as MD of Chalfouh International to Re-Engineer Governments, Corporations and SMEs to assure Economic Vibrancy

Incorporating Shk Akbarali Mirza (SAM) Climate Smart Trust to enhance NGO and CSR Funds by 5% to assure Education of Global Women and Children

Meet Mufaddal NKD (Houston) PhD ( UIUC-USA ) via [email protected]

to initiate the delightful journey of Tayyeb Entrepreneurship with Traction.

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