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Time Taken for registration: -.

Usually, the maximum time period for a multi state cooperative society registration is 4 months. In case, the application gets an objection, in that case, the application can be filed again and in specific scenarios, the society registration can be done earlier also on the basis of earlier rejections or on political pressures.

Registration, the amendment proposal is likewise filed in the Ministry of Farming. It takes typically three to four months. It is really unusual that change proposal is rejected. If we desire to increase our area of operation i.e. number of states or increase our authorized share capital or change our name or change our workplace address, we can submit change.

The documents submitted along with change proposition are bank statement, audited account providing net earnings and turnover. The ministry needs justification and correct reasons why a society proposal ought to be changed.

Perks of a multi state cooperative society: -.

Generally, a multi state cooperative society is an useful alternative for all real estate companies, public limited, private restricted and chit fund business where practically saturation has reached.